17 Nov

Traveling During the Holidays

Traveling can be stressful, especially if you are traveling during the holidays. The crowds are larger, the stress levels are higher, and everyone always seems to be in a hurry to get where they’re going. If you have any flexibility in your travel plans, the holiday season is the time to be adaptable. It’s always a good idea to find out what day the holiday falls, and then think about which day would maximize vacation time without using vacation days. Typically, these days are generally the most busy and expensive times since this is when everyone wants to travel. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the weekend before Christmas are well know for being the busiest and most expensive times to travel. So it’s best to avoid these days to avoid unnecessary stress.

As you prepare for you trip, consider packing in plastic. Keep your suitcases organized by separating clothing in clear zip-top bags and labeling them with names and contents, such as underwear or ties. This makes it easier to quickly find what you need, and you can store dirty clothing in them on the way back.

Another smart thing to keep in mind while traveling during the holidays is to stay hydrated. With so many people rushing around, it’s easy to get worn out and overheated. Most airports do not have problems with their climate control within the terminals—luckily they tend to have HVAC contractors like Tex-Perts Cooling & Heating on speed dial. Regardless, keeping hydrated while traveling will help keep you full and might even give you the extra will power to say no to the fast food stands. You should always carry a water bottle, and be sure to finish it before you pass through security. Then you can fill up again before the flight.

If you can avoid checking a bag, we highly recommend it. By packing only a carry-on bag, you can you arrive at the airport later and you can skip the frustrating luggage carousel at the arrival airport—not to mention, you’ll avoid the scary possibility of losing your luggage while traveling. Along those same lines, it’s always a good idea to purchase travel insurance for trips during the holiday season. Snow, blizzards, sleet, and ice can cancel a flight in minutes and make roads impassable within just a few hours. Travel insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it can help you get your money back for a missed flight, cruise, or hotel stay. Trust us, peace of mind is priceless during holiday stress.

While the holidays can be very stressful, they can also be a lot of fun. That being said, we know it’s tempting to cram in as much holiday fun as you possibly can. But don’t wear yourself out. Schedule time for fun, be also schedule in some down time. The best thing to remember while traveling during the holidays is that things may go wrong, and when or if they do, just take a deep breathe and carry on.

26 Apr

Must visit places on the San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio’s River Walk has certainly changed over the years: from a flooded and inhospitable area meant to be avoided to one of the city’s top tourist attractions, the Walk is the perfect example of what a community can do to improve its surroundings.

The River Walk is a pretty lengthy one, so it pays to know where you’re heading. Here are some must visit places on the Walk – hit as many of them as you can and try to do so in the company of friends. I’d recommend getting a tour of downtown, if you can afford it, contact a reputable and affordable limo company. Continue reading

25 Apr

Best travel review sites

It pays to be prepared no matter where you’re traveling. Sure, some of that preparation involves packing your bags well and notifying everyone that you’ll be on a vacation, but knowing exactly where to go is just as important.

While traveling where the road takes you is all good and well, tourism is a lucrative business, and every popular tourist destination has its share of swindlers looking to make a pretty penny off of visitors. In order to avoid becoming one of those unfortunate adventurers who end up paying $50 for a latte and sharing a hotel bedroom with cockroaches, here are the best travel review sites to check out before buying a ticket.

TripAdvisor.com: Like Yelp, TripAdvisor is powered almost entirely by user reviews – if you’re looking for impressions, the site is a must-check. Aside from merely reviewing various destinations, establishments and landmarks, many users will actually create mini travel guides that help would-be travelers get to all the most attractive locations without issue. The site works just as well on mobile devices, so you’ll be able to check locations as you travel. Also, anyone can contribute to the site – if you’ve had a bad experience, you’re encouraged to share it with others there. While the site has a clear lack of booking options available, it’s hard to fault such a treasure trove of useful information.

Booking.com: Did someone mention booking? If you’ve traveled in the past, there’s a good chance you used Booking.com to find your choice of lodging. If you didn’t, you should have – the site really takes the hassle out of finding a room as all of the world’s top lodging options are always just a few clicks away. Like TripAdvisor, Booking features powerful mobile integration that lets you make last-minute on-the-go check-ins no matter your current location. On top of these useful features, the site also boasts concise user reviews that rate every individual part of an establishment.

LastMinuteTravel.com: Speaking of last minute… Contrary to what the name might have you think, LastMinuteTravel doesn’t revolve as much around rushed bookings as it does about creating a complete package. Much of the site focuses on finding cheap quality lodging options, including those that aren’t readily-available elsewhere – through a unique ‘secret’ booking scheme, travelers can save over 50% on rooms in top-notch establishments, making this a great option for those aiming to save money. While it seems a bit ironic that the site features lackluster mobile integration, LastMinuteTravel makes up for this by letting you book every stage of your journey in one place.

Kayak.com: Another site that deviates from its name, Kayak hardly revolves around floatation devices – in fact, its cruise-searching options are among its biggest downsides. If you’re not looking for a cruise, however, Kayak shines by indexing various other travel sites in order to find you the exact type of deal you want. Some take issue with the fact that booking options and reviews revolve around hotels and flights only, but this goes in line with the site’s minimalistic nature.

24 Apr

3 top map apps for traveling

Map apps are definitely among the biggest perks of recent technological breakthroughs. Scratch that: if you’re a traveler or an adventurer, you’re probably thanking science every day for providing you with this infinitely-useful feature.

With a map app on your smartphone, you’re going to have a very hard time getting lost – the best apps will index even the most unwelcoming wilderness, letting you follow the screen to the rescue no matter where you are. Of course, if your battery dies, you’ll be in for it, but that’s another story… Continue reading